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Authors: M. Montévil; M. Bizzarri
Book Chapter, In Press
Authors: M. Montévil; M. Mossio; M. Silberstein
Book Chapter, 2017
Authors: M. Montévil; G. Longo; A. Soto; T. Gaudin; D. Lacroix; M.C. Maurel; J.C. Pomerol
Book Chapter, In Press
Authors: G. Longo; M. Montévil; T. Gaudin; D. Lacroix; M.C. Maurel; J.C. Pomerol
Book Chapter, In Press
Authors: M. Montévil; C. Sonnenschein; A.M. Soto
Journal Article, 2016

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Investigations in theoretical biology

Monographs and overviews

Perspectives on organisms

I published a monograph with G. Longo on the basis of my Ph.D. manuscript (2011). The main point of this book is to provide positive theoretical proposals for biology, on the one hand, and to provide critical insights on the use of mathematics in biology on the other hand.  We start from a practical case: a critical review of the concepts and empirical evidence for scaling (scale symmetries) in biology. We discuss several aspects of biological time: rhythms, elementary anticipations and historicity. Our main point is to exhibit key differences between theories of the living and theories of the inert, in particular w.r. to mathematics.

We have published two overviews of this book. The first review focuses on the biological concepts that we propose:

Longo, G., & Montévil, M.. (2012). The Inert vs. the Living State of Matter: Extended Criticality, Time Geometry, Anti-Entropy - An Overview. Frontiers in physiology, 3, 39. presented at the 2012. doi:10.3389/fphys.2012.00039

A review focuses on the philosophical stance we propose in theoretical biology. Should we embed our work on existing physical theories? Should we aim at defining life? What role should mathematics play in biology? Those are basic questions when aiming to understand organism.


Work of the "organism" group

In 2013-2015,  I was a part of the interdisciplinary group "organisms" organized by A. Soto in the context of the Blaise Pascal chair. Our aim was to provide an outline for a theory of organisms. This was, of course, an occasion to recapitulate, articulate and expand previous works. We have published the conclusions of this group in a special issue of Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology: From the century of the genome to the century of the organism: New theoretical approaches.  The conclusion of this special issue provides an overview of our results.

Soto, A., Longo, G., Miquel, P. - A., Montévil, M., Mossio, M., Perret, N., et al.. (2016). Toward a theory of organisms: Three founding principles in search of a useful integration. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. doi:10.1016/j.pbiomolbio.2016.07.006

Another text in french recapitulates this work: