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Auteurs: G. Longo; M. Montévil
Journal Article, In Press
Auteurs: M. Montévil
Journal Article, 2017
Auteurs: M. Montévil; M. Bizzarri
Book Chapter, In Press
Auteurs: M. Montévil; M. Mossio; M. Silberstein
Book Chapter, 2017
Auteurs: M. Montévil; G. Longo; A. Soto; T. Gaudin; D. Lacroix; M.C. Maurel; J.C. Pomerol
Book Chapter, 2017

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A primer on mathematical modeling in the study of organisms and their parts

TitreA primer on mathematical modeling in the study of organisms and their parts
Type de publicationBook Chapter
Year of PublicationIn Press
AuteursMontévil, M
ÉditeurBizzarri, M
Book TitleConceptual and Methodological challenges in Systems Biology
Series TitleMethods in Molecular Biology
RésuméMathematical modeling is a very powerful tool to understand natural phenomena. Such a tool carries its own assumptions and should always be used critically. In this chapter we highlight the key ingredients and steps of modeling and focus on their biological interpretation. In particular, we discuss the role of theoretical principles in writing models. We also highlight the meaning and interpretation of equations. The main aim of this chapter is to facilitate the interaction between biologists and mathematical modelers. We focus on the case of cell proliferation and motility in the context of multicellular organisms.
Citation Keymontevilmariano
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