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Auteurs: M. Montévil; G. Longo; G. Frezza; D. Ceccarelli
Book Chapter, In Press
Auteurs: M. Montévil
Journal Article, 2018
Auteurs: M. Montévil; A. Pocheville
Journal Article, 2017
Auteurs: G. Longo; M. Montévil
Journal Article, 2017
Auteurs: M. Montévil
Journal Article, 2017

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Theoretical principles for biology: Variation

TitreTheoretical principles for biology: Variation
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuteursMontévil, M, Mossio, M, Pocheville, A, Longo, G
JournalProgress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology
Mots-clésBiological randomness, Genericity, Historicity, Organization, Theory of organisms, Variability
RésuméDarwin introduced the concept that random variation generates new living forms. In this paper, we elaborate on Darwin's notion of random variation to propose that biological variation should be given the status of a fundamental theoretical principle in biology. We state that biological objects such as organisms are specific objects. Specific objects are special in that they are qualitatively different from each other. They can undergo unpredictable qualitative changes, some of which are not defined before they happen. We express the principle of variation in terms of symmetry changes, where symmetries underlie the theoretical determination of the object. We contrast the biological situation with the physical situation, where objects are generic (that is, different objects can be assumed to be identical) and evolve in well-defined state spaces. We derive several implications of the principle of variation, in particular, biological objects show randomness, historicity and contextuality. We elaborate on the articulation between this principle and the two other principles proposed in this special issue: the principle of default state and the principle of organization.
Citation KeyMontévil2016
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